We’re proud to be a Tier 3 facility.

5NINES’ Northern Ireland colocation facility is painstakingly built to Tier 3 concurrently maintainable standard. Every part of every critical system is designed to reflect or in most instances exceed the requirements of Tier 3. No external fault or required maintenance could cause you a loss of power, cooling or connectivity.

Everything affecting the availability of your power, cooling or connectivity is designed to be resilient against faults. Any individual part can be switched off for maintenance, and all maintenance can be carried out without affecting your equipment’s performance or availability. This is what we deliver to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This facility is Cloud-Ready and capable to manage the most demanding connectivity requirements. 5NINES has dual incoming 11kV main feed and 2n independent UPS pairs. Maintenance or failure of any UPS system or any other power component will not affect your critical equipment. Fully independent n+1 diesel generator systems support the facility – so even in the occurrence of a mains power failure, even whilst one of the systems are being serviced, your services remain unaffected. Cooling systems are duplicated and fed from diverse power sources. Even switching off an entire cooling system will not affect your presence or performance. Bandwidth is supplied from independent routers on two cables and are sourced from multiple carriers. Failure is not an option. We follow the principles of the European Code of Conduct for data centre, and have processes and procedures equivalent Meeting ISO 27001 and PCI DSS requirements.

When you select 5NINES for your colocation requirements, you get a solution designed for resilience, maintainability, and reliability. You get protection from faults and operator errors. You get certainty that your critical services will never fail.

Facility Benefits

5NINES has a reputation for building, consulting and designing data centres for companies world-wide.

Beyond connecting your hardware from point A to point B, our cross connects are available from a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to fibre depending on your requirements. All cross connects are installed quickly and are performance tested prior to handover and the test results provided to customers.

Beyond the world-class technologies and designs which is a hallmark of all 5NINES created facilities, we also acknowledge that the facility needs to also address the basics of comfort and convenience. This is why 5NINES data centres are equipped with hot-desks, a 24 hour accessible kitchen, showers, break out areas and free tea and coffee.

Build / Break-out areas come with Ethernet connectivity as well as WIFI access so you can more easily configure your hardware in comfort.

5NINES are happy to discuss your requirements from half racks to multiple full racks in our next generation data centre facility in Coleraine, each rack is configured on a bespoke basis upon your immediate requirements, and designed to grow and adapt to various market conditions. Fully secure, our large 48U racks include redundant power via dual PDU’s and can offer you power up to 25kW per rack from mains power supplied via 2 x 11kV incoming feeds from the primary substation. With full 2n UPS and generator back-up you can be confident that 5NINES will protect and support your immediate and long term power and space requirements.

For additional layer of physical security, 5NINES can offer your organisation a solution in the form of a private data suite or cages. For smaller rooms, cages provide an additional level of security, allowing you to expand into an area, whilst ensuring all your racks are together. Our private suites are available and fully customisable with options such as diverse, secured entrances, biometric access, independent cooling and branding. Your data centre inside a 5NINES data centre.

For customers with high requirements in space and power, 5NINES offer your organisation wholesale pricing option. This price includes for your specific requirements in relation to resilience and cooling solutions, a complete bespoke service to suit your specific needs. Your own data centre, managed and secured by 5NINES 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A 5NINES 48U rack comes as a standard 800mm deep x 600mm wide with combination locks (other sizes and locks available on request). Each has A & B 16A or 32A single phase power feeds (other options available on request) Each rack comes in flexible pricing models, either all inclusive, or a net price with power on an as used basis – it’s your choice.

Fire is a rare occurrence in a well-run colocation data centre these days. Modern server and telecoms equipment contain very little combustible material. But, precautions and protections are still needed.

Fire rarely occurs without warning. 5NINES data centres have qualified, well-trained technical staff performing regular, scheduled alarm system checks and inspections of all potential risk areas. Common rack areas are fitted with VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm) systems. An alarm is immediately investigated by Security or the technical team.

The data centres utilise the latest Aqua mist suppression system. The fire detection and alarm system is designed to the highest standard, which is category L1+M in accordance with BS 6266. This encompasses a combination of photo optical and ionization smoke detectors at high level. The system is fully integrated with the BMS and mechanical system for plant shutdown protection. The ‘Hi-Fog’ suppression is deployed across the entire facility, further minimizing the risk of any potential fire, and is environmentally friendly in line with 5NINES EODC design principles.

5NINES data centres are built to world class standards in physical and procedural security, and this data centre is no exception. Designed to meet the stringent security requirements of BIL3 and upgradable to BIL5. We ensure a secure sterile zone of at least 8M between the 3m high anti climb fence line and any critical plant or building, with site wide CCTV; flood lights and intruder detection. We protect your interests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

  • CCTV cameras on-site
  • Biometric controlled access
  • Vehicle controlled access
  • 24/7 on-site security personnel

5NINES specialises in producing colocation facilities built to meet Tier 3 standards adhering to the philosophy of “concurrent maintainability”.  No set of circumstances can produce a loss of power, loss of cooling or loss of bandwidth to your equipment.

All factors affecting the availability of power, cooling or bandwidth to you is designed to be resilient to faults.  Any individual part can be switched off for maintenance, and all maintenance can be carried out without affecting your equipment.  That is the Tier 3 standard, and that is what we deliver to you. The 5NINES facility has dual incoming 11kV mains feeds and 2n independent UPS pairs.  Maintenance or failure of any UPS system or any other component pertaining to the maintenance of our power systems will not affect your critical equipment.  Our independent 2n diesel generator systems support the facility – so even if the main power fails, whilst one is being serviced, you are still unaffected.  Cooling systems are duplicated and fed from different power sources.  Even switching off an entire cooling system will not affect your equipment.  Bandwidth is supplied from independent routers on two cables and sourced from multiple carriers.  Systems failure or routine maintenance can not affect the availability of your systems to you or your clients. We follow the principles of the European Code of Conduct for data centres, and have processes and procedures equivalent meeting ISO 27001 and PCI DSS requirements.

Support Services

5NINES specialise in offering world class data centre environments for your company to maximise its objectives.

5NINES specialise in offering world class data centre environments for your company to maximise its short and long term objectives. We provide numerous support services to meet your every need including office space, hot desks, build rooms, storage and secure stores, break out rooms, and all the essential facilities you would expect and need of a data centre.

For those services that 5NINES cannot provide, we have partnered with companies who are also the best in class in offering the services which complement and enhance our offerings including build & migration services, managed services SDN solutions, technical deployment, DCIM and others.

5NINES produce solutions from the ground up and have done so for numerous Blue Chip companies over the years.

As a result, we are uniquely experienced and proficient at creating and executing proven deployment techniques to give you comfort and security when you are transitioning into our facility.

We proactively confer with yourselves taking on the various critical factors to ensure that your systems are safe, in a proven, robust and secured environment, maximising your data centre investment.

5NINES’ migration solutions bring you all the market leading features offered by the industry’s biggest providers, plus a host of additional benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Backed by the highest standards of personal customer service, specialist technical support and the most competitive pricing in the business, next generation migration services have never been more accessible or affordable.

5NINES provide a wide range of server relocation and logistic services that ca be tailored to your individual requirements. We partner with leading server logistics and IT migration consultants to work with you to organise and manage UK-based and international relocations, data centre migrations and transport services, primarily for servers, communications and storage equipment.

We undertake projects that range in size from relocating a single server to thousands.

Our Services Include;

  • Server relocations
  • De-racking and re-racking of servers
  • Installation of new server equipment
  • Cable management of server equipment

In times of crisis, the 5NINES Backup Services give you the ability to rapidly re-deploy your data estate and functions with minimal service interruptions to your clients. Because simply having a backup of your data is only a small part of the overall solution, 5NINES enable you to proactively protect your mission critical functions, and give you peace of mind under any set of circumstances.

The 5NINES data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) system is a web based control panel through a single dashboard, and is available to all 5NINES customers. This will allow you access to the data relating to your racks. This powerful tool enables you to track the overall state of health and manageability of your data estate, as well as offering your organisation the transparency and clarity to address any potential problems or inefficiencies.

By utilising state of the art tools to monitor, measure, and optimise your data / Cloud environment, including the ability to manage space, powercooling and energy is one of the ways 5NINES ensure that your digital estate is running at maximum capability. Being mindful of external changes, such as upcoming energy efficiency initiatives, we empower your organisation to future-proof your existing infrastructure while minimising your costs and liabilities.

Depending on how much time your staff require, 5NINES offers courteous and flexible space to deliver and install your solutions in a secure, comfortable world-class environment. From reserved office space to the benefits of having your relevant staff in a hot desk environment, we work with you to ensure that your most valuable resource – your people are well attended to ensuring maximum productivity.

Secure storage as important as it is for your life hardware to be in a secure environment other items like backup hardware tapes cables and test equipment are equally important in the maintenance of your data estate. This is why 5NINES provide places to securely and confidentially store whichever tools and resources you need in order to keep your systems operating at maximum capability and efficiency.

As important as it is for your live hardware to be in a secure environment, other items like backup hardware, tapes, cables, and test equipment are equally important in the maintenance of your data estate. This is why 5NINES provide places to securely and confidentially store whichever tools and resources you need in order to keep your system operating at maximum capability and efficiency.

Simply book space in the secure store via our security team, and your equipment will be safe until you need it again. We have thought of everything for your convenience.

Similar to our secure store offerings, our Build Rooms enable you to install, test and refine your equipment configurations before its final installation within our secure racks and private suites.

With CAT5 and CAT6 connections as well as high speed fibre internet connectivity, and the fastest connections to North America, you can be assured the test beds in our Build Rooms will give you the same levels of performance as our world-class facilities and connectivity.

To discuss your requirement or to arrange an initial meeting call +44 (0)28 7022 0059 or

Coleraine Data Centre

At last, Northern Ireland will have its first every purpose built, energy efficient, carrier neutral commercial data centre, designed to provide the global markets with a truly cost effective, efficient & secure data centre capacity.

5NINES Data Centres are empowering Northern Ireland’s growth in the digital economy and connecting local and international businesses, providers of IT services, Cloud and content delivery solutions. With ultra-low latency networks to North America and mainland Europe, the 5NINES Data Centres provide the ideal platform to Organisations that need the ultimate global connectivity solution, and the reliability and security of one of the world’s most energy efficient and secure data centres.

Purpose built to a Tier III+ level of resilience, located on the Atlantic Link Enterprise Campus and adjacent to Ulster University, Coleraine, it is enclosed by 3M high anti-climb security fence; full CCTV coverage; vehicle locks; a minimum 8M sterile zone between the security fence and the building & 24/7 on-site security. 5NINES on-site facilities team are also available 24/7 for reactive and planned maintenance.

Key Overview

  • 45,000 sq.ft of data centre technical space
  • Dedicated office and hot-desks
  • De-box, build rooms & Secure storage
  • HD solutions up to 25KW per rack
  • From 1 rack to 2,000 sq.m available
  • All power is metered and charged as consumed
  • 2n Diesel back up power supply
  • Adjacent to Hibernia transatlantic fibre landing station
  • Carrier neutral with multiple carriers on site
  • Fire detection & suppression
  • Physical 24 hour on-site security
  • 24 hour accessible kitchen and shower



  • High density solutions from 3.5K to 25KW per rack
  • 24 x 7 x 365 building operation
  • 3.4M floor to ceiling heght
  • Floor loading to 14KN


  • Mains power supplied via 2 x 11KV incomers
  • N + N power solution to Racks
  • N + N UPS with battery backup
  • N + 1 backup generators with 72 hour autonomy
  • Refuelling contracts for fuel


  • Carrier neutral
  • Adjacent to transatlantic landing station
  • Fastest links to North America from UK
  • Access to multiple providers
  • Strict cable management policy


  • Minimum N + 1 cooling infrastructure
  • Total mechanical UPS & Battery backup at N + 1
  • Total cooling infrastructure linked and managed by BMS
  • Regulated humidity
  • Designed PUE of less than 1.15
Fire detection and suppression

  • Full 3 stage fire detection system
  • Fire detection and suppression linked and managed by central BMS
  • Double interlock mist fire suppression


  • 24/7 on site security
  • Proximity cards access to all areas including mantrap access
  • External & internal CCTV
  • 3M high anti-climb security fence to site
  • Vehicle lock to site entrance
  • Pedestrian turnstile at fence line
  • 8M sterile zone between security fence and building line or critical plant
  • Can be List X compliant
  • Intruder detection alarms

Building Management System

  • Full central BMS with alarms
  • Power surge management
  • On site facilities management undertaking full PPM programmes
  • Global systems integrator

    We have used 5NINES in several locations now. Consistently professional and on hand to support new requirements

    Global systems integrator
  • Global software provider

    5NINES made sure that our relocation project went without a hitch. We’re now in a much more modern secure facility and have reduced our costs considerably. Very pleased

    Global software provider
  • NI IT Business

    5NINES are a pleasure to work with and are always there when we need them

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